F.A.Q Singapore Escorts

1. Q. How do I register to become Singapore escorts?

A.  Please register and submit the form. Please contact us by e-mail if any problems with registering occur. To become a Singapore escort, you can register by sending your details and pictures directly on our e-mail.  Note that submitting your details by e-mail usually takes longer and we recommend using the submission form.

Hot Singapore girls are welcome. You can register now and there is a variety of profiles for Singapore escorts, Singapore massage girls, Singapore outcall or incall.

2. Q. Which type of profile is right for me

A.  We offer a variety of profiles, please read and specify before you register with our company.

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3. Q. My profile is still not displayed.

A. Your profile is still not approved by the moderator. Please allow a few working days after submission. If your profile is declined, you will be notified by the system and receive an e-mail explaining why the profile can’t be accepted. If you submitted your profile and haven’t received any e-mail within a few working days, please contact us.

4. Q. My profile is not linking to my website

A. Please ensure your website front page includes our banner code. Please note the link must be either on your front or the main page to work correctly. If your return link still not showing, please contact us.

5.    Q.  My listings have been suspended by the website administrator

A.  If one or all of your listings got suspended it is likely that your profile has been reported and considered
a breach of the website’s policy.  Please contact us if your profile needs to be reviewed, and we will suggest you on the steps to resolve the issue.

6. Q. I want to make changes to my profile

A.  If you want to make changes to your existing profile, please sign in using your password. Once you signed in, you can update your existing profile, upload or delete pictures, add or change existing information.  All the changes must be approved by the moderator. After new changes been submitted no later changes can be applied until moderator approval. If you want to suspend or delete your profile, please contact us by e-mail.